You Can’t Believe What Happened To His Hands (8 Images)

Eight year old boy Mohammed Kaleem is an Indian boy. The boy had disease called localized giantism, he had a rare form of the disease that made his hands and arm grow at a disproportionate size. He has got huge hands, the world’s largest hands to be exact. He belongs to the Jharkhand state of […]

The Rooftop Selfie

Selfies That Will Make You Fade (10 Images)

Life is short everyone knows it and most of us try to live it high. Use cameras to capture life, do some action and adventure to rush our adrenaline. More the risk greater will the fear and more will be the excitement, but it takes a lot of guts to live this part of life […]

Walmart Dad Fails to See

Walmart Dad Fails You’ve Never Seen Before (7 Images)

Walmart is not just a place where you shop but were you show off your skills. People come here to shop and crazy ones come here to do crazy stuffs. Here we have few dads who are trying to teach their skills to their little ones and trying to show up with their children what […]

Halloween Lawn Decorations

Community Outrage over Dreadful Halloween Lawn Decorations (5 Images)

If you feel that the air touching you is actually scaring you and you can see something spooky around, you should realize that Halloween is in the air. As with this scary Halloween comes the scary masks, decorations, cards and lot more. But here we are about to see a frightening lawn decoration which is […]

Guy Gets Shocked When He Discovers a Secret Home in his Basement (6 Images)

When any person takes a decision to move into their new home, they plan of doing incomparable decoration, arrangement of furniture in a unique style. New home movers also renew their home stuff in their new home. Some of these people are really lucky to find a hidden room in their home. Jerry purchased a […]

Without makeup

Man from Algeria Sues His Wife on Seeing Her Without Makeup (6 Images)

A man belonging to Algeria has sued his wife after he saw that her face was not as beautiful without make-up that used to be at the time of their wedding. Yes you are right, there are many amusing as well as ridiculous incidents that are seen in the form of stories on the internet. […]