Chinese Walmart Can Shock You (9 Images)

If you have visited many countries of the World you cannot forget to shop in the Walmart of those countries. Wherein, a look at the Chinese Walmart has the power to kick you in the teeth with disbelief. Below we will be giving you examples of such shocking things that Chinese Walmarts are selling and […]

celebs fan

Celebs Funny Pictures With their Fans (9 Images)

Celebs often celebrate their success with their fans around and giving them an opportunity for taking pictures together is the best one. However, sometimes these pictures become so funny that it even becomes the reason for embarrassment in front of the starts. Sometime pictures goes funny because of the fans or sometimes celebs by their […]


Eli is amongst the rare, but beautiful! (8 Images)

At present day world everyone wants to be different from the other. But it takes a lot of strength and willpower to be different from people around us. Some people in this world are sent by god, exceptional by birth, they don’t need to wish for being different and do something special. They are born […]

girl in blue

You will not believe what Walmart camera captured? (9 Images)

Everyone knows that Walmart is place where you can see many people at a run. They come here of course for shopping. You even see some of your known ones at your local Walmart. So, you prefer to dress well and look presentable. But few amongst our fellow citizens think that this is a place […]

Blue Lagoon

A Beautiful Quarry Being Adored Despite of Having Toxic Content (10 Images)

  1) The rock quarry in this picture is famous as the Blue Lagoon among local people. Here you can see crystal clear water of blue colour vibe just from a distance. However there are some illusions also that could make beguile your intellect. The contents of the lake the water of Blue Lagoon does […]