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10 Smart Gadgets for Hundreds of Healthy Lives (10 Images)

This era has seen a massive development in technology. The generation is also obsessed with technology and need everything that is new. Many of these innovations are also quite helpful if used correctly. If merged with the most neglected aspect of life, this much cherished aspect of the world will work wonders for people. Here […]

Wasp Spray

Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier!!! (7 Images)

Alarm Clock If you are sharing a room with others then you must be aware of the hazards of sharing space with someone else. One of the hazards is the sound of your roommate’s phone alarm. Even if you want to sleep, the sound makes it impossible. It is also not possible for you to […]


They Grew Old and Died Together But their Love Remained Young Forever (10 Images)

Who would have thought this childhood crush that began at the age of eight will last forever, but they did wading through every difficulty of life, they finished the race together holding their hands till the last breath. Past June they celebrated 75 years of togetherness as their marriage anniversary and left behind adoring family […]