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12 Celebrities who do the Downward Dog (12 Images)


Most often, you likely see some yoga experts doing the different yoga steps which are short and very energizing. But some version of the yoga task are also frequently used in all kind of workouts  from pirates to post run stretching routine to something for injury prevention and some do it just do it for enjoyment.  And that’s because health and fitness professional from all kinds of fields know this how rewarding it is to their health and well-being too.

One such brilliant yoga step which is followed by many personals even by the Hollywood celebrities is The Downward Dog.

Downward Dog

Downward dog may seem like one of the most basic form of yoga. In many classes it is the first step (or poses) everyone does in the yoga classes but it is far more than just a warm or cool down position, it has so many benefits.

Downward facing Dog is a fundamental part of yoga practice. You can do this posture alone while you are under the sun or even as a rest position there are several ways to do this yoga.

In Hollywood also there are number of the yoga enthusiasts. They are not only adapting this for the sake of gaining strength but also for obtaining some inner peace as well and even more some do it as a path to get the mental success , gaining concentration. Following are the number of celebrity’s who do this fantastic yoga step on the daily basis that is vital for their physical and mental strength.


Jennifer  Aniston

On the first we have Jennifer Aniston. She practices yoga on the daily basis or wherever she gets the time to do it, she follows various strategies and tactics for that. She believes that, only doing it on the right way and at the right time will give you the benefits. By getting the mental stamina, her yoga fix is often made up of some of her favourite poses like the Downward Dog pose and some others includes Sun salute, reclining pigeon, and temple pose.


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