Most Unexplained Mysteries on Earth (15 Images)

We all find interest in mysterious things and our planet Earth has many unsolved and unexplained mysteries. There are many predictions made but failed to give any logic behind them. Even science has failed to give any satisfactory explanation. Look at the most unexplained mysteries on Earth that still continues to astound us.   The […]

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Plastic surgery is a boon to the people through which they can make you more beautiful. A good plastic surgery boosts your confidence. It is a known fact that every one of us is not born beautiful with attractive personality. Few people have some congenital abnormities and some may have post accidents scars on their […]

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This era has seen a massive development in technology. The generation is also obsessed with technology and need everything that is new. Many of these innovations are also quite helpful if used correctly. If merged with the most neglected aspect of life, this much cherished aspect of the world will work wonders for people. Here […]

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Most often, you likely see some yoga experts doing the different yoga steps which are short and very energizing. But some version of the yoga task are also frequently used in all kind of workouts  from pirates to post run stretching routine to something for injury prevention and some do it just do it for […]

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  While there is a lot of pressure on women specially to grow their generation, but not all celebrities wants to divide the fraction of time between their professional and personal life. There are many stars that don’t permit them self to have kids.  Hollywood may be full of dreams and desires but not many […]

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You may probably not know that, but if you look in details you, can find some hidden secrets in the Movies studio like Disney and Pixar. However is not limited to one or two movies can be really fun loving to spot those details for that you have to very sharp  and alongside you have […]

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Body image issue is a common problem among thousands of people in this world, especially those who are more prone to being judged by others, that is celebrities. Here is a list of 13 celebrities who have gone through major eating disorders. 1. Victoria Beckham When Victoria Beckham’s eating disorder came in sight in an […]

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Photos are keepsakes which allow us to keep our memories with us forever. Generally, photos of our loved one, photos of some special occasions bring a smile to our face when we see them because we remember the good times spent with those people or on those occasions. However there are some photos which also […]

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Everyone likes to listen shocking, unexpected and spicy news about celebrities. But we often forget that celebrities are also people and they too mess up things sometimes. Many celeb fathers are there who shirked or refused to acknowledge their illegitimate kids. Definitely, things become ridiculously embarrassing when it happens in the public eye. Check out […]

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People who are always in limelight mostly avoid talking about their personal life or their own personality and personal choices as they are afraid that people may start judging them on the basis of their personal life and personal choice instead of their work. This is very true as people do get swayed by these […]